An engaging platform-shooter game. Designed and developed for Android and iOS.

IRON PUNCH captures the thrill of your favorite platform games from the past. Added with characters who can shoot as well - making the game more exciting.


IRON PUNCH is designed and developed to let you play with a single hand. It has hundreds of game levels to keep you occupied when you're getting bored.

Keep track of your game activity

Keep your progress on track with every level you complete. Plus you can also set time limits if you catch yourself playing frequently.

Free to play

IRON PUNCH is completely free to play. Plus, additional boosters and powerups are given periodically, and without any charge.

Hundreds of game levels

To keep you engaged whenever you feel like playing, we’ve designed extensive game levels. We’ve aimed to keep every level diverse and different, so you don’t get bored.

Complex characters diverse maps

With up to 50 characters to choose from, experience your favorite military-style characters in this exciting gameplay. Iron Punch also presents intricate maps at every level.

the idea behind Iron Punch

With IRON PUNCH, we have aimed to deliver the nostalgic excitement from your favorite platform games. We’ve also integrated the shooting genre with this game, to level up your engagement. Another aspect that we have aimed to fulfill is introducing a modern touch to make graphics relevant while staying true to the aesthetic.

IRON PUNCH has been developed keeping many emotional aspects in mind. We have made this game perfect for older audiences as well as the present ones, NOSTALGIA + NEW EXPERIENCES

what we've achieved?

The IRON PUNCH game developed by WEB INOVATIVE has experienced a positive welcome from thousands of players around the world. Leading with an ad-free and free-to-use business model, IRON PUNCH has managed to secure a loyal community of gamers. On top of this, we have made the extra effort to expand compatibility for older Android and iOS versions.

Iron Punch

Guaranteeing technical perfection.

In-game elements from characters and levels to maps, we’ve aimed to make everything glitch-free. After extensive testing, our study has found that even on older devices, the updated Iron Punch runs without lag – Making gaming possible for all.


Your gameplay behavior is adapted by many elements to bring more challenging levels. We also let the players evaluate the process of how the game learns from their activity.


IRON PUNCH is proud of its wide and loyal gaming community. In our beta program, we make the extra effort to include loyal players to make the game experience better.


We understand how playing games can get difficult in a hectic schedule. This is why we've developed IRON PUNCH easy to play in-between lunch breaks.


With an immensely attractive game design, there is never a dull moment while playing. Keeping you engaged with the fun at all times.


This game is subject to extensive testing processes regularly. We're passionate about making the in-game elements more smooth for the players. On top of this, we also aim to make the app secure for your device.

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